Capitalism + philanthropy

THRIVE Design Concepts is a business that was built on purpose

Most businesses start off with a product or service, like restaurants, or law firms, or trucking companies, etc. Then some decide to put a purpose behind their work. So, they shop around for a charity or a movement of some kind to get behind and get involved with. Businesses are discovering that this altruistic “purpose” strengthens employee morale, improves job satisfaction, and it’s great for marketing because it makes the business look good to others. Deep down inside, we all want to make good things happen in the world, and so we like to do business with businesses that have these altruistic purposes.

THRIVE Design Concepts was built the other way around. We started with our purpose and built a business around it. So, THRIVE Design concepts is actually in the business of our purpose!


THRIVE Design Group delivers quality web design services at a low cost while providing quality paying jobs to the underprivileged and marginalized of the world.

We invest a lot of our profits back into our employees and their communities to make the lives of everyone involved better and that goal is what guides our decisions and policies.


THRIVE Design Group envisions a new business model that combines capitalism with philanthropy. It is our firm belief that companies can take good, or even great, care of their employees, their families, and their communities and still be profitable. We intend to not only prove this but also to set an example which will hopefully be copied by many others and start a new trend in how business is conducted worldwide.


About our logo

Our logo uses Japanese artwork called the Enso Circle.

This circle is used by many to represent non-dualism, a concept usually related to religion. In the context of religion, dualism is when you believe that you and God are separate entities. You are here, and God is there. Non-dualism is basically when you believe that God is everything, including you. So, there is no separation.
Similarly, we like to look at our view of equality, with all humans, worldwide, being an integral part of a whole unit, known as the human race, as non-dualistic. And that is why we selected the Enso Circle to be part of our logo.

“There is no them and us – There is only us” ~Dave Bauer – President and CEO of THRIVE Outsourcing

Let's see what we can build together!